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Spokane landscaping projects sure can be exciting when you get a chance to landscape your front and of course your back lawn.  What a great endeavor to undertake.

Don't let your enthusiasm overshadow good landscaping practices though.  Messing up 'best' practices can cost money, time and most especailly wasted effort.

Hard to know where you're headed if you don't have a plan or design for your landscape in mind.  Awesome landscapes begin with awesome plans. 

Planting shrubs, trees, pretty much any kind of vegetation not to mention rocks, pavers or other stone type accoutrements needs to be well thought out.

Without following some kind of guidelines you could have flowering plants that bloom in colors that contrast badly with your house or plants that are bug magnets.  You might even put plants too close in to your home and actually hide some of the beauty of your home.

So the bottom line is you don't always have a free choice in your landscape design - astetics is important too as well as the overall property view.  You don't want to mess up that all important 'curb appeal'.
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To end up with great Spokane landscaping results means you started with and used a terrific landscape design.

In depth designs will ensure plants for shade will actually provide shade.  Also shrubs used for a 'vegie' fence will work as desired.  You can really 'hedge' ;) you bets by using a landscape blueprint.

You can make your own blueprint.  It doesn't always take a landscape architect to design a workable plan but you will want to rough out an approximation of what you'd like your areas to look like.

Get some graph papar and dig in.  Much easier to move that pond on paper than once it's out in the yard filled with Gold fish.

Below are some pitfalls to avoid:

Putting your new vegetation too close to your home.  In close these things can affect your walls and in some cases even damage your foundation.  A good rule of thumb is to keep all plant life at least 24 inches away from your buildings.
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Something else to watch and this is especially true for any tree type things you plant.  Trees can sprout up bigger than intended and their roots can trash plumbing pipes or overhead wires.  So an extra bit of caution is very important in the area of tree selection and planting.

Speaking of planting trees.  When you do find some you like it's important to make sure the soil doesn't go up the trunk of the tree and don't tamp down the soil around the tree to much - the roots need some room to breathe and flourish.

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