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Landscaping is more than beauty, and to these Spokane landscapers, it is the blending of elements to the contours of the land to enhance the property - Your signature...Your hand. And atmosphere is definitely important, not only to those that live in the surroundings but to those that occasionally visit and enjoy those summer evenings, those fall and spring afternoons...and these Spokane landscape designers take it all into consideration.

With over 60 years of combined experience, these Spokane landscapers bring a new insight to the Pacific Northwest with its creative flair and high end presentation yet affordable designs. "We want you and your guests to enjoy your property for years to come and not feel burdened by it..." says Kyle Allen, President of Atmosphere Landscape Construction. "...the design must consider what the land has to give to you and what you have to give to the land."

"Not only did we get our design in color, it was in 3D which gave us a true sense of our vision and that made a big difference in the end..." Stan and Winter Sachs

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Bruce Peterson, one of Atmosphere's landscape designers, has been designing high-quality landscaping for over 37 years. A graduate of the University of California San Luis Obispo, many of his designs have won special quality awards from New England to the greater Pacific Northwest. Bruce joined Atmosphere because of its vision to bring the best of talent from the Greater Spokane area together as creative artisans to give each project that unique, one-of-a-kind flavor.

Area landscape designers that are qualified to get the job rightFor these Spokane landscapers it gets personal. The design brings out the personality of the people that own the property and the home inwhich they reside. And most often, it is the culmination of life-long dreams. At Atmosphere Landscaping, they treat each project in that light. These are your dreams and it is their job to see your dreams come true.

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Kyle Allen, owner, has years of experience and is a master craftsman when it comes to bringing your design to life. Kyle's has a reputation as one of the best landscapers in Spokane and as a project master he personally sees that each project is done right and to your expectations.

Kyle believes that Atmosphere brings something unique to the area and with a professional crew that is not only dependable but "darn good at what they do", he believes that his company can stand up to anyone. "We pride ourselves in over delivering and making sure that the client is happy with the end result. Our pricing is fair and you depend on us to get the job done right and on time," says Kyle.

"It is important to make sure that each client is pleased with each phase as we work through the process," Kyle further states. "Their satisfaction is our driving force."

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