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cheap michael kors handbags the Pirelli calendar in the scale of ** screen suppression a lot, but also pay more attention to women 'S perspective, Sarah Moon became the first woman to be Pirelli selected photographers. Moen poetic, full of classical beauty of the screen, the mirror, bouquet, valance and other items of use, highlights the beauty of women' s boudoir. Has given Pirelli greater confidence to create a different photographic calendar. In 1974, due to the economic crisis caused by the economic downturn, Pirelli calendar project suspended; again is already 9 years after the start. In the ten years between 1984 and 1994, the Pirelli completely abandoned the product, the use of the best photographers, models, location, The production of aesthetic-oriented, fully artistic calendar, the image of the product more and more weakened, such as a mark on the beach. They refused to sell, only as a gift to VIP customers, which makes Pirelli calendar greatly enhance the visibility and become sought after by the art collection. cheap michael kors outlet

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michael kors handbags outlet online Terry Richardson (Terry Richardson) Surgeon 's work, won a lot of welcome. He will play and ** elements as spicy spices into the works, the models are holding the glue pipe wet body, or very provocative eating bananas. The 2014 Pirelli Calendar uses the unlicensed version of The photographer Helmut Newton, which was filmed in 1986. 2011, the Pirelli calendar by the love of photography designer Karl Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld) Zhang Jing, the Greek mythology, the image of the gods of Olympus as a source of inspiration, shooting a Series of black and white photos. Last year, the Pirelli calendar was photographed by photographer Steve McCurry. Model Karlie Kloss, Summer Rayne, Isabeli Fontana and so on, as well as pregnant Adriana Lima, who completed the shooting in Rio de Janeiro, the This year, the calendar by Helmut Newton was finally restored from a dusty filing cabinet to a fashionable view. In 1986, the Italian headquarters of Pirelli and the British division in the Helmut Newton on behalf michael kors bags outlet

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michael kors handbags outlet the choice of patterns do not be the same, so that one is seen through the lovers with no meaning. S wide striped T-shirt and the same color geometric mosaic jacket, this set is really particularly interesting, not difficult to see from many places the two taste very good. 5) in each other 's body to find their own color, but the Same color range must not be too large, the two who the same color area is best not to be the same. 5 years ago today, the fashion industry is known as the 'bad boy' devil fashion designer Alexander McQueen in London 's home to end his own life. From countless skull scarves in cottage to fashionable works covering religion, war, politics and social change , McQueen left us with inexhaustible inspiration and madness. In 2015, there are two important exhibitions that remind us of McQueen. 'Alexander McQueen: Working Process' Tate Gallery 2015.3.10-2015.5.17 Tate Britain will host a 'Alexander McQueen: Workflow 'Photo exhibition, which will feature McQueen' s long-time friends michael kors factory outlet

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