As landscapers, Atmosphere works with some of the most talented artisans in the area to bring a unique flavor to each design. In trying to incorporate the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest with what the contour of the land presents, As one of the best Spokane Landscapers and designrs, Atmosphere delivers a rich result that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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"Our staff has a lot of experience and I believe it is one of the best landscapers in the surrounding area and so we know what it takes to design and build to the land as we capture the clients dreams..." adds Bruce Peterson, Designer.

Water Features

"We especially enjoy the challenge of a water feature or unique rock feature that blends all of the elements together into a beautiful overall landscape design..." adds Kyle

Atmosphere is truly becoming one of the premiere landscaping companies in Spokane

"...your staff was professional, they were always on time and we could not be more pleased," Melissa Warren

"They kept things clean, were on time each day and met the agreed upon deadline...and the job came out GREAT!" Tony Maruso


Artistic - Spokane landscapers that deliver a creative form or technique.

Atmosphere - one that delivers a distinctive quality, as a place.

Atmosphere Landscaping- Artistic quality with Atmosphere at an affordable price.


Each landscape design has its own character and unique landscaping style as the artist captures its mood resulting in an atmosphere of distrinctive proportions for all to enjoy. Atmosphere Landscape Construction captures that feeling. A winding path that embraces the subtle slopes...a carefully structured bridge that enhances the flowing of a bubbling brook...a beautiful rapture of vibrant color against a backdrop of shades of green reaching toward a brilliant blue sky...marks of quality Spokane Landscapers...

With a Certified Professional Designer that specializes in 3D designs as well as conventional full color drawings, Atmosphere is truly becoming one of the preiminent landscapers in Spokane. "Our professional and experienced staff handles from beautiful water features, to built-in barbecues, to elegant concrete stamping," says Kyle Allen. "...and we are proud of the work they do and believe we are one of the best landscapers in the area.."


in all phases of the creative process, Atmosphere Landscaping, being one of the best landscape developers in the area, works closely with you to capture your vision as you intend while bringing the experience necessary to make it all happen. Our artisans works closely with our landscaping specialists thinking outside the box to give each of our clients the unique touch they deserve while enhancing each aspect of the design.

Atmosphere Landscape Construction as a landscaping business is new but it is a "coming together" of a collection of experienced Landscape Developers that have been in the area for years making it one of the best Spokane Landscapers in the surrounding area. A collection of designers, artisans, and experienced day-to-day crews that know Eastern Washington and Idaho and the surrounding area and have the knowledge and know-how to make your dreams a reality.

"We are only limited by our imagination and the scope of our individual dreams when it comes to landscaping."


landscape-design-spokane-wa-elegant fencing with gateMetal crafts and wood enhancements can bring an enhanced flavor to the final layout giving your property landscaping a special look and feel. A well crafted arbor, a beautifully sculptured metal gate, a combination of the two...we decide...


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